Rachamanut School System

‘Rachamanut’ (Grace) 
Schools System
Punjab Pakistan

Where we can help

“We can’t buy freedom for everyone but we can educate the next generation.”

Bricks make a house, house make a society, society lead to infrastructural development of a country. Every brick of our so called home sweet homes have been made by someone’s hard labor in a brick factory.
Brick factory workers are human beings, not animals. They are part of our society. No one chooses to be born poor, and no one chooses to put themselves into a position of powerlessness and helplessness if they have a genuine alternative.
This whole issue is an uphill battle. A lasting solution to the problem of slavery in Pakistan requires massive changes to social structures in the country and the elimination of feudalism. A healthcare system and social welfare must be introduced and funding for education must be increased.
We are praying, planning and raising funds to build Rachamanut Schools at each brick factory in the surrounding areas of the cities of Lahore and Kasure, in the Punjab area of Pakistan.

The Benefits of Education
Our schools will be free of charge and will aim to lift families out of poverty by educating their next generation. Many bonded laborers have already committed to sending their children to our schools once the schools are inaugurated. “Our schools will only cater for primary aged learning but will seek to link capable students to higher education establishments and our hope is over time to develop a secondary school in the vicinity of our initial project as well as adult education.

The fact is that brick factory slave children are oppressed in a variety of ways. We will do our best to teach them well, build some dignity and self-respect into them and instill them with hope they can have a better life through gaining an education, enabling them to have alternatives to bonded labour.

Our goal is to set up schools at brick factories of Kasure Punjab, Pakistan. We need your prayer and we need your support. The classroom will be set up in the brick factory itself, as there is no other way logistically to get the children to a classroom elsewhere.

If you feel from God, any support you can give us towards Brick Factory School Project would be greatly appreciated, particularly if you have a heart for the slave children who are living in slavery and  suffering in poverty, illiteracy, and sickness due to unclean drinking water, a dusty environment.

Freedom at any Cost!