Outreach is a primary responsibility of a church. God does not call Christians to “seasons” of outreach ministry but rather

Women Ministry

Vision Spiritual and practical uplift of Christian women so they can have a good position in the society in every

Brick Factory Slaves

The issue we are facing: The International Labor Organization has estimated that 250 million children between the ages of five and fourteen...

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Free Medical Camp

RCCP is stand to provide health care education and medical facilities using mobile medical clinics in the mission field. This enables many...

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Church Planting

Church planting is the main focus of Rock City Church Pakistan. Strong church planters have a vital role in evangelizing, discipleship, training...

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RCC Pakistan

Pakistan is under developing country having 20 million populations where approximately 50% people are living in below the poverty line and even they cannot afford the nutrition, education and their basic health needs. Their children are force to bond labor; people are out of jobs or compel to do hard working with fewer wage. Therefore, they are living vulnerable and miserable living conditions. In these entire scenario From the day of Inauguration, RCCP is active to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in mighty way and transforming lives through the love of Christ as well as sharing the Word of God with needy, abandoned, possessed, lost and unreached people. RCCP community is committed to embodying message of God’s unconditional love and the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Church.  

 As disciples and followers of Jesus Christ, we firmly believe that the core of our mission and ministry as a community of faith is rooted in the Great Commission:  “Go therefore into all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Creator, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).   We affirm and believe that God has called us to “find them, bring them in, grow them up and send them out” and that we are to accomplish this by “Proclaiming Christ, Building Community and Transforming Lives” . . . And the vast harvest that has yet to be reaped in the name of Jesus Christ! 

We pray that each of us individually; will be the church that Jesus is looking for when He returns a church without a spot or wrinkle.

Rock City Church Pakistan is serving these communities to share Christ (John 3:16 and Eph. 2:8-9) and build strong, healthy families. Many today believe they are saved by their good works instead of faith in Christ alone. RCCP boldly proclaims that Jesus is the only means of salvation (Acts 4:12).

RCCP is an independent, self-supported, non-profit registered with the Government of Pakistan under the Society Act 1860. In Pakistan it is the most thriving and growing church. Therefore, RCCP is involve in social development of the individuals and community through establishing   Sewing Schools, Educational Institutes, Community Development infrastructure and responding the emergency in case of natural or manmade disaster.

We would love the opportunity to present our ministry to you. Come, share, pray and stand with us for the Glory of God.